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Antoinette DiPietropolo, director

Fort Salem Theatre, Salem, NY

Mendelsohn's Amos Hart is nothing short of fantastic as "Mr. Cellophane."

Richard Rose

Glen Falls Post-Star


by Sheila Callaghan

Randy White, director

Screaming Venus Theatre, NYC

Tumor... is a theatrical meditation on maternity and parenthood. Playwright Sheila Callaghan explores the territory in all sorts of inventive ways, the most startling of which is the character of Pete, a pregnant man. 

All five actors do fine work here, especially... Mendelsohn as the surprisingly grounded Pete.

Martin Denton

What About Luv?

music by Howard Marren
lyrics by Susan Birkenhead

book by Jeffrey Sweet

based on Luv by Murray Schisgal

Richard Creamer, director

Impulse Theatre and Dance,
Woodstock, NY

Mendelsohn steals the show as Harry Berlin, the disheveled suicidal neurotic.... Not only does Mendelsohn imbue his ludicrously comic character with an authentic and consistent inner life, his strong, rich voice and lanky grace as a dancer make him perfect for this demanding role. There's sweetness to the character's personality, a childlike innocence that makes Harry appealing despite his many shortcomings.

Rebecca Daniels

Woodstock Times

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

book, music and lyrics
by Rupert Holmes
Maia Guest, director

Philipstown Depot Theatre,
Garrison, NY

Mendelsohn brings an air of mystery and a lovely tenor to the Rosa-smitten Neville Landless

James O'Barr

Putnam County News and Recorder

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